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Samui Wedding

Koh Samui has earned worldwide reputation as an idyllic Thailand wedding location besides being a boutique beach resort. Samui beach wedding lives up to the romantic image created by brochures. Breathtaking beaches, calm azure waters, lush green landscape and swaying coconut palms make Samui the perfect venue for a tropical beach wedding. Samui’s well- developed hospitality industry and welcoming nature of local people combine to help in making Samui marriage a favorite wedding destination for couples around the world.

Samui beach weddings have a magical aura helped on by soothing sound of waves, feel of sugary white sand underneath your feet and colorful tropical flowers all around you. And, unlike hometown wedding, couples wedding in Samui can afford to sit back and enjoy the show, as Thai wedding packages come inclusive of the services of a wedding coordinator to oversee arrangements and to ensure the event takes place without snags. The best part of about Samui wedding is that wedding Koh Samui come at a fraction of the price of a wedding at home.

Romantic Thailand Beach Wedding - Koh Samui Wedding Packages

Nora’s wedding packages are designed to suit couples with diverse needs. Whether opting for beach wedding or Thai wedding ceremony, Nora’s packages are godsend for overseas couples. Nora, Samui Wedding Resorts, can help organize your special day whether it is just the two of you or have company. From floral arches to bridal bouquets, catering, music band and wedding cake to sparkling wine, staff at Nora is trained to pay attention to each and every aspect of wedding so that couples are left to enjoy the most unforgettable Koh Samui Weddings day of their lives.

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